Worship is the corporate gathering of people for the purpose of praising God.  We use music, prayer, sharing and the reading and teaching of the Word of God in corporate worship.

We use a variety of different styles to engage people in the presence of God without compromising Truth.  We believe that God is glorified through a variety of styles, but what is important is the heart that worships Him in Spirit and Truth. We seek to make all worship elements theologically sound and glorifying to God.

There are two corporate worship celebrations each Sunday.

Our services are at 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM. We use a blend of music and a variety of elements to celebrate who God is and what He has done. The message is drawn from the Bible, as we seek to know Him better and discover God's truth for life. The message is the same in both services.

Children's ministries (Grace Kids, birth - 4th grade) are offered during both services. 5th-6th grades, Middle School and High School classes meet only during the 9:00 AM service. Adult classes (Grace Bible Fellowship) are offered during both services.