Sunday Morning

GBF's - Grace Bible Fellowship

The unique focus of this ministry is best explained in its name...

  • Grace: Comes from God and His Word and teaches us to exercise it
  • Bible: The community of Grace believes that God reveals Himself to us primarily through His Word and we believe it is vitally important that we know His Word in order to live in Christ
  • Fellowship: God created us to live in relationship with Him and His people. Fellowship refers to the close bond that all believers share in Christ.
  • Grace Bible Fellowships, or GBF's as we call them, are a place for people to experience God's grace while learning and applying God's Word, living in vibrant fellowship.

9:00am | Sunday morning

Romans (Continued)  | Room 309 - Sundays 9:00am

Called the greatest letter ever written and the Magna Carta of the Christian faith, Romans answers many questions regarding God and man including:  What is the gospel?  Why are there false religions?  Why do people reject God?  Why is there all types of evils in the world?  How can a person who never heard the gospel be held spiritually responsible?  John Calvin said "When one gains a knowledge of the book of Romans, he has an entrance opened to him to all the hidden treasures of Scripture."

Teacher:  Paul Baniewicz 

A Study of Haggai with Supporting Scripture  |  Room 305A - Sundays 9:00am

What happens when we put ourselves first?  After all, it is our money, our life, our family.  How does God react to Christians (His people) when we give Him our leftovers (time, talents, treasures)?  If we really believe this is true, now think about this, do we really believe that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow?  If so, we can see exactly how God reacts and feels in this important postexilic book today in Allen, Texas.  Judah  had just recently been released from captivity and they returned to their lands to build new homes, vineyards, etc.  There is nothing wrong with these activities as long as the priorities are aligned properly.  This exploration will aid students in how to study these important truths as well as bonding as a class. 

Teachers:  Joe Lyda, Russ Edwards


10:45am  |  Sunday morning

Theology and Daily Life  | Room 309 Sundays 10:45am

There are many facets to God - His nature, His character.  When we overly focus on one facet to the exclusion of the other facets, we form a skewed view of God.  A skewed view of God will result in skewed thinking, leading to skewed actions, culminating in a skewed life.  This is a setup for disappointment with God and abandonment of our faith.  Moreover, God cannot be completely known by the finite human mind/psyche.  To do so would reduce God to our level.  The implication is that we must submit and trust.  

What we believe about God forms the way we live, i.e., dictates our goals, decisions, and actions.  Our theology ultimately impacts, directly and indirectly, every nuance of our life.  Though we may not be able to verbally express our theology, the manner in which we live, particularly in which we respond to adversity, often divulges our theology.   

Teacher:  Ken Fung

An Old Testament Survey (Continued)  |  Room 305B Sundays 10:45am

This is a golden opportunity to scan the Old Testament with two full-time ministers who can answer the questions you may have contemplated over the years.  This will not be a verse by verse study, but an overview that will give you a clear understanding of the importance of the Old Testament and how it links perfectly with the New Testament.  Many New Testament writers quoted the Old Testament, that perhaps most notably by our Savior during the Sermon on the Mount who said, "For most assuredly, I tell you, until heaven and earth pass away, not even one smallest letter or one tiny pen stroke shall in any way pass away fromt he law, until all things are accomplished."  (Matthew 5:18)

Teachers:  Steve Hopper, Sr., and Mike Skinner